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Producers of Bombay Velvet to now charge celebs who watched free previews to recover losses

18, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Now that Bombay Velvet has turned out to be a box office disaster, producers of the film have decided to take some unheard of steps to minimize losses.

In a first of its kind move, makers of the film have decided to extract ticket money from all those industry insider who watched the film free of cost in the special screenings organized by producers.

“After the collections for first weekend were out, we realized that our film was probably the first film to be seen by more number of people before its release than after it. That’s another ground breaking achievement,” Anurag Kashyap told Faking News, referring to the free previews watched by Bollywood fraternity as well as celebs from other walks of life.

Ranbir will carry a gun with him in case celebs refuse to shell ticket money.
Ranbir will carry a gun with him in case celebs refuse to shell ticket money.

“When we calculated money lost due to such freebies, it turned out to the tune of 50% of the film’s business so far,” Kashyap revealed.

“Just because the rest of the nation has been a fool to reject the film doesn’t mean we reject such stats,” Kashyap justified the move to charge celebs.

Kashyap further disclosed how the charging mechanism would work.

“Those who liked and appreciated the film on Twitter and other social platforms will be given discount, while those who just watched and didn’t express how beautiful the film was would be charged heavily,” he said lashing out at later.

Since money recovered from this step alone would not be enough, producers are also thinking of charging people who have seen trailers of the film.

“We are fully right on our part to charge these people as well, as they got a glimpse of one of the most intelligent and path breaking cinema through those 2 minutes in the trailers,” Kashyap argued.

Film’s actor Ranbir Kapoor whose last few films Besharam, Roy etc have been flops, too hailed the move.

“Wish I could ask my producers of Besharam and Roy also to do so,” Ranbir rued adding, “Not even Bollywood celebs watched them.”