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Protests over Mahesh Bhatt’s decision to cast Pakistani horses

29, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Mahesh Bhatt is in news and controversy again for his cross border love, this time due to his decision to cast Pakistani horses in his upcoming movie about an Indian cowboy, who fell in love with a Pakistani gangster girl only to be arrested by Indian security agencies on charges of terrorism. Within hours of announcement of his new movie, Mahesh Bhatt had to face protests from various quarters over his ‘queer’ decision.

“This man has only one mission – to help Pakistan by hurting India. Is there any dearth of horses in India? In fact Indian horses are far better than Pakistanis as they have regularly acted in movies, with celebrated roles like Badal in Mard and Dhanno in Sholay. Do we know the name of a single Pakistani horse?” Abhijeet Ghodal, one of the protestors said.

A still from Horse Dance festival in Pakistan: Mahesh Bhatt maintains that Pakistani horses can dance better
A still from Horse Dance festival in Pakistan: Mahesh Bhatt maintains that Pakistani horses can dance better

Mahesh Bhatt has rejected such allegations and has counter alleged that the protestors were religious extremists and jingoists. He claimed that Pakistani horses were better dancers and he needed a dancing horse for the movie, rumored to be titled “Zakhmi Ghoda”. It is also rumored that there will be a kissing scene with the horse as Bhatt has again signed Emraan Hashmi for his movie.

“I am going for Pakistani horses because the script demands so. Others are protesting because their political bosses demand so. I will not surrender before the communal forces and will not change my decision. Unlike those fools, I am a broad-minded person.” Mahesh Bhatt averred.

This explanation has not cut ice with the protestors and many are planning to parade dancing Indian horses in front of Mahesh Bhatt’s house tomorrow. The protestors insist that the locals should always be preferred over foreigners and all efforts should be made to provide employments to locals first. A get together of Indian horse lovers has also been called at Gateway of India tomorrow.

Not only Mahesh Bhatt, filmmaker Sujoy Gosh could also face trouble as our sources confirm that former Miss India title holders are not happy with his decision to cast Miss Sri Lanka Jacqueline Fernandez in a Bollywood movie named Aladin. Former Indian beauty queens have approached the horse-protestors to take up their case as well.

“This is unfortunate but I foresee many of such locals vs. outsiders controversies in coming days as Maharashtra assembly elections are near. I will not comment on the merits of these protests as my window panes are still broken.” Nikhil Ukhadle, a social commentator expressed his concerns.

(with inputs from our special correspondent Rajeev Rana)