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Punjab youth watches Udta Punjab pirated version, buys drugs from the saved money

29, Jun 2016 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Punjab: A week after its release, Udta Punjab failed to make any mark in tackling the drug problem. A movie which was made to highlight drug problem and create awareness around it, ended up becoming the tool for further promoting drugs.

Udta Punjab
Torrent Di Maa Di….

In an anti-climax of sorts, several youngsters were found watching the leaked pirated version online rather than spending Rs 1,000 in multiplexes. They later used this money to buy drugs.

Punjab police caught a 16 year old boy ‘Afeem Chand’, while he was searching for a drug dealer near Pathankot district. When Police took him in custody and interrogated him, he said, “I watched the pirated version online for free and rather than spending 1,000 on Coke, popcorns and ticket in PVR, I bough tdifferent Coke outside that will keep me high for the whole day.”

Police Inspector tried to reason with him saying everyone should support an honest movie by watching it in theatre. But Afeem Chand had his answer ready. He said, if the combo of an Act-II popcorn worth 15/- and Pepsi worth 25 are being sold for 400, then who is being honest here?

After observing reactions and trends on twitter, Punjab police reached a censor official’s house to investigate how the movie got leaked from Censor office. The officer calmly explained, “I was cutting and chopping the movie to ensure that approved version complies with Sanskari guidelines. Then it occurred to me that people will not be able to watch censored part of the movie which the director has shot with great efforts.I did not want those efforts to go waste, so I decided to upload those chopped clippings on a torrent site. This being an Anurag Kashyap movie, complete movie (except opening credits and ‘The End’ scene) ended up getting chopped. So I had to put whole movie on torrent site. Director should be thankful to me that I ensured that full movie somehow reached to people even after going through censor”.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ approached Shahid Kapoor who plays an important character in the movie. Shahid candidly said, “Drug problem solve karne ke liye movie banayi. Usi movie ko online dekhke in logo ne paise bachaye aur fir se drug khareed li? Yar ye to Chutzpah ho gaya. Nahi?”

One of the producers of the film, Anurag Kashyap was furious at the leak and made a sarcastic remark on censor board, “Log aksar Udta Teer le lete hain, Censor board ne to poora ka poora Udta Punjab le liya hai.”