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PVRs to provide child silencers to people taking along kids to movies

08, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In a move aimed to make movie watching experience better for thousands of cine goers, the leading multiplex cinema chain PVR Cinemas has announced providing child silencers to people taking their kids along with them to U/A rated movies. The silencers would be provided free on demand in the first couple of months, but it would be made compulsory or discontinued thereafter based upon the feedback from people.

Child silencers have been specifically designed by 21-year-old Raju Rastogi, a final year Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Bombay, who thought about it while watching 3 Idiots. Raju’s hairs (on his head) were pulled by a 3-year-old kid let loose by his parents in the back row of the PVR Juhu. When Raju looked back at the kid angrily, the kid started howling. Raju and his friends couldn’t hear the dialogues of the movie clearly for next 15 minutes.

A child wearing silencer before entering the movie hall
A child wearing silencer before entering the movie hall

“I wanted to throw the kid on the screen. Not only had he cried for those 15 minutes, for the rest of the movie he and his ugly fat mother kept on discussing some nonsense like yellow cats and blue rats. I so badly wanted to put a tape on the lips of both the mother and the kid.” Raju recounted his horrors that pushed him to think of innovation, research and development; things expected from an IIT student.

Raju came back to his hostel room and thought hard over it. Initially he thought to make a device that could put the kids on vibration mode like mobiles, but he dumped the idea as it could have caused resonance with multiple kids in the multiplex and could have brought down the multiplex killing thousands of people. Being a Mechanical Engineer, he fell back upon combustion engines and decided to make a child silencer.

The child silencer would allow the kid to see everything around him/her but would mute his/her voice. There would be earphones coming out of the silencer, which would be required to be plugged in the ears of the parents or guardians accompanying the child, so that they can heed to some emergency demands of the kids like peeing.

“Child silencer seemed a safe idea and I instantly started working on the design the same night. It took me just eight days and I was ready with a prototype. I applied for a patent and at the same time I approached PVR for its commercialization.” Raju told Faking News.

PVR authorities were initially reluctant to try the idea even though they agreed that kids continued to be a nuisance for cine goers apart from people talking loudly on mobiles. After a lot of deliberations and negotiations with Raju, finally PVR managers decided to put the idea on probation for the first two months.

“We were aware of this problem and internally we have been discussing ways to address it. Initially we had thought of providing free candies to children with marijuana or tequila mixed in it, but our lawyers informed that it could amount to illegal business practice. Raju came with his prototype at just the right moment.” PVR Cinemas Chairman Ajay Bijli said.

At the time of filing this report, silencers had been provided for all the movies released today till the matinee show. Initial reports suggested that most people had welcomed the idea.