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Ra.One adjudged Best Film in Filmfare awards for unreleased movies

01, Feb 2011 By Vipul K Rawal

Mumbai. To make Bollywood awards as “transparent” and “genuine” as possible, Filmfare, the leading awards manufacturer presenter, has decided to institute an award for the “unreleased” movies slated to release the following year. The inaugural awards were swept by Shah Rukh Khan, who won in various categories for his upcoming movies Ra.One and Don-2.

While Don-2 bagged the awards for Best Special Effects, Best Original Remake and Best Direction categories, his home production Ra.One won him awards for the Best Actor and Best Film categories. In addition to that, Ajrun Rampal too bagged the trophy for the Best Villain for his role in the yet to be released Ra.One.

Bollywood Awards
Bollywood awards nights have been celebrating talents and skills like event management, sponsorships, television advertising, professional networking, news reporting, fashion wearing, singing, dancing, and joking.

Filfare announced that the awards for the “unreleased” movies have been instituted to encourage film makers of the under-production movies to give their best during the production of the film so that the quality of Indian cinema improves.

But not everyone agrees.

“If they really wanted to award talent, why didn’t they start it last year when Dhobi Ghat was being filmed?” wondered Kiran Rao, whose husband Aamir Khan nodded but refused to comment over the issue as a matter of principle and policy.

But some critics believe that the awards for the “unreleased” movies are the best thing to have happened to the Bollywood awards industry.

“Now all you need is a list of actors, synopsis of script, details of promoters and promotional posters of the film to determine talent. It can’t get any more real!” said a critic, who has been following various Bollywood awards given by various gossip magazines.

“Well yeah, the process to select the winners won’t be any different from what they are already doing,” the critic conceded, “But look at the brighter side, now they can award Katrina Kaif as the Best Actress and no one can criticize that logically!”

Filmfare award organizer Khalid Mohamed was very upset with these insinuations. “It’s a genuine effort to respect talent; else we could have started this category when both my films Fiza and Tehzeeb were under production. I have personally lost a lot of friends in this industry because of heartbreaks over awards,” he said.

When asked who his best friend was, Khalid said, “I have always respected Shahrukh as he realizes the importance of friendship and has stood by me in my thick and thin.”