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Ra.One fuljhari launched for Diwali, won’t stop till you watch the movie

20, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Shah Rukh Khan has launched a special series of fuljhari (sparklers) for Diwali, which will keep burning till you douse it with a piece of paper that smells like popcorn and is soaked in cold drinks. This is the latest promotional campaign that King Khan has taken to promote his upcoming movie Ra.One, which also happens to be the brand name of the newly launched fuljhari.

“The idea is not force people to watch the movie,” SRK said while launching the fuljhari, “We want people to feel the spirit of the festival, and also enjoy the whole process of going to watch movies. That’s why we are encouraging them not to forget the taste of Pepsi and the aroma of popcorn that they would relish during the screening of the movie.”

Ra.One sparklers
Coming soon to celebrate Diwali with you

Pepsi has been roped in as the promotional partner in the latest campaign that asks people to preserve a piece of paper, which they will find in the popcorn bucket that they must buy during the interval of Ra.One.

Ra.One sparklers won’t have a handle and one must douse it before it burns your finger,” Anubhav Karna, a campaign designer informed Faking News, “You can’t douse it with ordinary water or paper; you must use the paper that you found in the popcorn bucket during the interval of Ra.One. Just soak it in Pepsi and apply it on the sparkler; it will stop burning within seconds.”

These special Ra.One sparklers will be available from tomorrow onwards in some chosen shops selling crackers for Diwali. The Ra.One team has also thought of a special campaign so that common citizens don’t have trouble spotting such shops selling these special fuljharis.

“The shopkeepers at such shops will be wearing Ra.One masks,” SRK explained as his fans clapped and appreciated the innovative and hugely helpful idea.

“I just want you guys to be happy celebrating Diwali and this is just a token gift from me,” the Bollywood superstar said.