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Rahul Gandhi meets victims of demonetization – Farhan Akhtar and John Abraham

23, Nov 2016 By sagarcasm

Mumbai: Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi visited several victims of demonetization on Tuesday, including the actors and producers of Rock On 2 and Force 2.

Rahul gandhi
Affected by demonetisation

He interacted with Farhan Akhtar, who was standing in queue to withdraw money from an ATM in Mumbai. Since Farhan was also the co-producer of the film Rock On 2, he ran into deep trouble after the film’s release. The movie tanked at the box office.  As people were busy visiting banks and ATMs, nobody had the time to go to the theatres. Farhan didn’t even have cash for his daily needs, so he stood in the ATM queue to get some cash.

When Rahul asked Farhan how he coped with such a long queue outside ATM, Farhan said, “I just start singing songs and everyone disappears. Thus I am able to withdraw Rs. 2,500 everyday.”

Just like Farhan, John Abraham also co-produced his movie Force 2. Rahul met John at a Gymnasium in Bandra.  John told Rahul about the hardships he is facing post demonetization. “My consumption of Whey Protein powder has gone down from 1 kg to 500 grams per day. If this continues, my muscles will shrink. Earlier, I used to get movies easily because I have fantastic body. I will now have to work on my acting skills to get a movie. This feels like an emergency.” John said.

Earlier Mr. Gandhi had launched a scathing attack on the Prime Minister, saying Mr. Modi was “laughing” while people were dying in queues outside banks and ATMs to withdraw money and the move would turn out to be a “big scam.” Now he has said that Modi is attacking actors like Farhan and John because they belong to the minority communities.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is thinking about pricing the tickets of Dangal at 2,000 Rs so that nobody fails to watch it due to lack of change.