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Rahul Gandhi to join Raghu and Rajiv for the new season of Roadies

04, Jun 2014 By Kedar

Mumbai. AAP supporter and a popular VJ Raghu Ram and his twin brother Rajiv are back with the new season of the popular reality show MTV Roadies. What is special about this season is that they will be joined by none other than Congress vice-president and the nation’s youth icon, Rahul Gandhi.

Promotional image for Roadies Y
Promotional image for Roadies Y

At a press conference held for the show’s launch, channel representative Trisha Goel explained, “We wanted to do something different this season. With Ranvijay busy honeymooning, we needed a new host anyway. In the meeting, Rahul’s name popped up and everybody was like yeah, lets do it.”

Trisha added that it is because of the inclusion of the youth icon that the next season will be called Roadies Y where Y stands for Y did you not vote for us Youth.

An insider from the Congress party said that the long-drawn election campaign had exhausted Rahul Gandhi. His family suggested that he should go on a Swiss vacation for 4 and a half years and come back for the next election campaign. This is the reason he was not made the leader of opposition in the Lok Sabha. However, instead of holidaying, Rahul agreed to host the show.

Sources say that when the channel convinced Rahul Gandhi to host the show after promising to him that he will not be blamed if the next season of Roadies fails.

“The blame will first fall on Raghu, then Rajiv, then the channel, then the sponsors, then the contestants, then the viewers, and then on Rahul. This idea relieved Rahul and he immediately said yes to our proposal,” a channel representative told Faking News.

Channel has planned Rahul’s character to be that of an unnecessarily angry man on the show blaming the Indian youth for everything that is wrong with the world today, much like a younger version of Raghu and Rajiv. Ironically Raghu and Rajiv are younger than Rahul (confirmed from Wikipedia).

At the press conference, Rahul said, with a smile more mysterious than Mona Lisa’s, “I am honored to be on the show. With Roadies Y, I hope to bring a difference to the lives of our youngsters and improve the living conditions in the slums. I am looking forward to interacting with wannabe adventurous youngsters and empower them.”

When asked about the recent election debacle, Raghu fumed up and blamed the media and metro trains for AAP’s loss even though the question was aimed at Rahul Gandhi and referred to the Congress’ defeat in the elections.

On being asked if Roadies Y was another attempt at an AAP-Congress coalition, Raghu swore on the entire population of Singapore and Malaysia that AAP would never take support from Congress, to which Rahul replied, “Begani shaadi mein Azharuddin deewana” with that same smile and left people confused about what that meant.