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Raina takes inspiration from Rahul Gandhi's interview with Arnab, stumps him on short ball question

02, May 2014 By Vishal Chaturvedi

Suresh Raina took a leaf out of Rahul Gandhi’s book and stumped Arnab Goswami with an emotional and touching response to a question he has often been bombarded with. Here’s the transcript:

Arnab: Mr. Suresh Raina, are you or are you not afraid of the short ball?

Raina: To understand that question you have to understand a little bit about who Suresh Raina is and what Suresh Raina’s circumstances have been and if you delve into that you will get an answer to the question of what Suresh Raina is scared of and what he is not scared of.

He didn't duck the question this time round.
He didn’t duck the question this time round.

For that I will have to expand a little bit about my growing up, how I grew up and the circumstances in which I grew up. What I saw when I was a child, was my dog, who was a great dane, died when it was hit on the head by a bouncer.

What was his fault, he was standing behind wicket, waiting to retrieve balls that I smashed out of the field. In my life I have actually been through a tremendous amount of pain as a child, when these things happen to you, what I was scared of losing I lost, there is absolutely nothing I am scared of.

I have an aim, I have a clear aim in my mind and the aim is that I do not like bowlers like Dale Steyn, it is something that is inside my heart. It is like in our mythology when they talk about Arjun, he only sees one thing, he does not see anything else, you asked me about short balls you ask me about anything and the thing that I see is that the game of cricket needs to change, I don’t see anything else and I am blind to everything else.

I am blind because I saw careers destroyed by the short ball. I am blind because cricket everyday is unfair to batsmen like me. The 160 gram missile everyday-everyday hurts people and I have felt the pain that it can cause.

So the question of whether I am afraid of the short ball or whether I am afraid of Mr. Steyn is not actually the point. That’s a superficial question