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‘Raita would have been a better name’: People after watching Raabta

15, Jun 2017 By itsmihir1993

For the first time ever in Bollywood, the fans suggested a title for the movie after it released. Raabta, starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon released last Friday and the audiences cannot help but talk about it everywhere they go ever since they have watched the movie. After watching the first day, first show of the movie, moviegoers complained of severe headache and were seen heading to a nearby hospital shortly after exiting the theatre.


After the fatal Colorado Theatre Shooting in 2012, Raabta has been the second biggest tragedy inside a movie hall in terms of the number of casualties observed. The government has also announced hefty compensation for those who suffered life-threatening trauma while watching the movie.

When we spoke to a die-hard fan of Sushant Singh Rajput after he exited the movie hall, he said, “I can’t believe that Mahendra Singh Dhoni can act in a movie like this after having a successful cricketing career. I will take this matter to the BCCI.” When we spoke to Mahendra Singh Dhoni to get his review on Raabta, he said, “I am keeping busy with the Champions Trophy in England, so I haven’t watched the movie. However, I have blocked Sushant on WhatsApp after seeing the movie trailers of Raabta.”

We tried speaking to Kriti Sanon fans outside the theatre after the first day, first show of Raabta, but there were hardly any. However, after the second show of the day, we met an enthusiastic Kriti Sanon fan outside the theatre. We asked her whether or not she will watch another Kriti Sanon movie after she “acted” in a movie like Raabta, to which she replied, “Ab na karungi, na na na na.”