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Raj Thackeray calls Salman brainless, 50,000 Salman fans send their brain scans to MNS headquarters

11, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: MNS office in Mumbai received a huge consignment of medical reports today morning as 50,000 fans of bollywood actor Salman Khan sent their brain scan report to the party’s office.

Raj Thackeray wondering if he should take back his 'brainless' comment.
Raj Thackeray wondering if he should take back his ‘brainless’ comment.

Apparently, bhai fans were upset with Raj Thackeray when he said that Salman Khan has no brains, after the actor tweeted in favor of Yakub Memon. Inspired by Nitish Kumar, who sent 50 lakh DNA samples to Narendra Modi, Salman fans too decided to do something similar.

Speaking to Faking News, a fan said, “Yes, we have sent the brain scans to Raj Thackeray. What does Mr. Raj Thackeray mean by saying that bhai has no brains. How can he judge bhai based on a tweet? Mr. Thackeray too has in the past made some brainless comments about North Indians. Are they conveniently forgotten?”

Suburban diagnostic centers were inundated with fans of the star, who had come to take a scan of their brains. Bhai fans are planning to carry all the scan reports and dump them at MNS party headquarters.

Many fans say that they have had enough with these jibes and plan to rest this IQ debate for good. “People keep commenting that Salman’s movies are brainless. You need to keep your brains outside before coming to the theatre and so on. So we have asked bhai to appear for CAT and clear this misconception once and for all that bhai has no brains,” said a concerned fan.

A group of fans that calls itself the ‘Official Salman Fan club’ has challenged Raj Thackeray for a chess match with Salman.

Although Salman Khan was not available for comment, his brother Sohail said, “Calling bhai brainless is unfair. I agree that sometimes he does not apply his mind while tweeting. He is an actor not a scientist and to tell you honestly, sometimes I use his twitter account.”

Meanwhile, Bollywood insiders say that Raj Thackeray has not done his homework properly. “If Salman was really that stupid, he would have been in jail by now with all the legal issues hounding him. Many influential and wealthy people are languishing behind bars. Look at Asaram Bapu, Subrata Roy and Sanjay Dutt. Do you still think he is brainless?” questioned a bollywood insider on conditions of anonymity.