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Rajesh Khanna breaks his silence, accuses James Cameron of plagiarism

28, Jan 2010 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai. Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka has finally broken his silence and has confirmed what was being widely speculated and rumored around in the Indian blogosphere – James Cameron’s latest blockbuster Avatar being a copy of Kaka’s 1983 Bollywood masterpiece Avtaar. In an exclusive interview to Faking News, the romantic superstar of the 70’s has accused James Cameron of lifting certain scenes from his movie without giving due credits.

“After reading about it on various blogs, I decided to watch James Cameron’s movie, and I was shocked to find it a scene by scene copy of my movie. They just moved an A from the right side of the T to the left side in the movie title.” said a visibly upset Kaka, adding, “I almost wanted to cry, but I didn’t, because you know, Pushpa, I hate tears re.”

Kaka has some hard evidence to prove his point; he has pictures that show exactly how Avatar (2009) is inspired by Avtaar (1983). Kaka was kind enough to hand over these images to Faking News reporter Pushpa, and is contemplating filing a court case against James Cameron.

We leave our readers with these pictures so that they can decide for themselves:

Avatar vs Avtaar Avatar vs Avtaar Avatar vs Avtaar Avatar vs Avtaar