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Rajnikanth's 2.0 poster rights sold for 100 crores

26, Mar 2017 By RT

Chennai: After Zee network bought the satellite rights for a record 110 crores, the poster rights for the movie 2.0 are bought by a start-up ‘The poster boys’ for a whopping 100 crores, it is learnt by Faking News.

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“The poster boys will make money by adding other advertisements in the footer of 2.0 posters. We expect to make about 50 crores profit with this investment. Imagine Rajnikanth with 25 assault rifles  in a poster; The footer space is already heavily booked and as the release date approaches, we expect more and more brands to come forward, to add their names in the footer. Even the Congress party wants to advertise in the footer saying Congress version 2.0 after the win in Punjab”, a poster boy official told Faking News.

“There are a lot of businesses and individuals who want to declare to the entire nation that they are now upgraded to version 2. Among the prominent applicants, poster boys have decided to give space to Arnab Goswami, Navjot Sidhu, Kapil Sharma. People have even offered to pay bribes to make sure they get the space. Among the businesses, it is Sahara and Kingfisher Airlines who want a re-entry in the real estate and airline space, and they have decided this will be the best way to announce their second coming”, he further added.

“With the satellite and poster rights, we are already in 200 crores club. Now, companies are approaching us for exclusive rights for popcorn and tender coconut selling for 2.0. You wouldn’t believe the quote for the popcorn selling rights. A whopping Rs.500 crores! These will be new stalls in the multiplexes only during the 2.0 screenings, selling the same popcorn with a revised 2.0 prices!”, the producer of the movie told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the distribution rights are sold to the same distributors who have suffered a huge loss distributing the super star’s previous 2 movies Lingaa and Kabali.