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Ram Rahim shown his own movies in jail as part of punishment, begs for mercy

07, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

In August, the CBI court sentenced rape accused and Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim to a 20-year jail term for raping two women in 2002. However, the CBI verdict received severe backlash from people who believed that the convict should have been sentenced to death. To make the punishment worse than a death sentence, the CBI court ordered that Ram Rahim be shown his own movies inside the prison.


The addition in the sentence was announced to ensure that the rape convict experiences extreme torture behind the bars, unlike other influential people who have been “jailed” in Indian jails. Our reports suggest that Ram Rahim, who produced and acted in the two Messenger of God films, is shown both his films every day to keep him tortured.

When we spoke to Ram Rahim inside the prison, he was not in a state to speak anything and was being taken to a hospital. Further investigations revealed that the rapist was made to watch Messenger of God earlier in the morning, after which he suffered life-threatening trauma. Upon recovery in the hospital, the self-made godman asked for mercy in the form of death sentence. “Don’t do this to me; was my crime so heinous? It’s so common in India,” he said.

In order to curb rape incidents in the country, the Supreme Court of India also instructed that, henceforth, all the rapists will be shown movies of Ram Rahim inside the jail. The move is believed to reduce the number of rape incidents taking place in the country. “If the rapists don’t fear death, we will ensure that they visit hell in the prison itself by watching Messenger of God every day,” said a judge, who was a part of the bench that announced the reform.