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Ram Rahim sues Apple for copying wireless charging concept, says he was the first wireless Love Charger

17, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

Dera Sacha Sauda chief and rape convict Ram Rahim has sued tech giant Apple for copying the concept of wireless charging in the latest addition to their fleet of smartphones—the iPhone X. The rapist, who calls himself “Love Charger”, has claimed that he is the first wireless charger, contrary to the claims made by Apple Inc.


Ram Rahim, who is currently in Rohtak Jail, was angered soon after Apple announced iPhone X. “The wireless charger concept in iPhone X is copied from me. Either CEO Tim Cook helps me escape the prison or I am suing him for copyright infringement,” said the self-made godman. He further threatened Tim Cook to make “Love Charger” song the official theme for all the Apple products.

The convicted rapist was also unhappy with the face recognition feature of iPhone X. “With the amount of hair I have on my face, my face is not visible at all. Interestingly, all my body parts have the same amount of hair. If I use iPhone X, it will unlock with any body part. I don’t need a face recognition but a hair recognition feature in the phone,” said the rapist, while he chewed his hair.

After Ram Rahim’s claims, Apple CEO has agreed to personally compensate him for the blunder made by Apple Inc. “I watched how his followers ransacked Haryana after the CBI Court verdict. If his followers get enraged again, they might vandalise California as well,” said Cook. He further offered to bear the lifelong expenses of Dera Sacha Sauda in the hope that the Dera followers don’t fly down to California.

It remains to be seen if Tim Cook can help Ram Rahim escape the prison. A confident Cook said, “I have heard that rapists in India are felicitated with Rs 10000 and a sewing machine. I will ensure that Ram Rahim gets a sewing machine to stitch colourful clothes for himself once again.”