Ram Sene slap the bathtub in which Poonam Pandey filmed herself in shower

14, Oct 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Upset with what they called vulgar display of pious act like bathing, Sri Ram Sene workers have slapped the bathtub in which non-stripping model Poonam Pandey had filmed herself having a shower. The assault on bathtub was carried out on Thursday afternoon by a three member team of Sri Ram Sene, apparently to teach a lesson to all bathtubs of India so that none of them ever indulges in such immoral acts.

“All of us watched the video in which Poonam Pandey was bathing without any soap and without taking her clothes off,” Pramod Pandey, local head of Sri Ram Sene told Faking News, “We watched the full video and we couldn’t find any soap coming in or any cloth going out. We were totally pissed off.”

Poonam Pandey taking bath
The bathtub that got the bashing

Pramod informed that the rulebook of Sri Ram Sene makes it obligatory upon its members to slap or bash up the guilty party if something pisses them off. Initially it was proposed to slap Poonam Pandey herself, but Pramod and his friends realized that that bathing was not as immoral an act as drinking wine in a pub.

“We realized that it was not really her bathing, but the style of bathing that pissed us off,” Pramod clarified. After three hours of discussion with his friends, Pramod concluded that the bathtub was the guilty party.

“Bathtub is a western invention and it has played no role in the Indian freedom struggle,” Keshav Kolhapure, Pramod’s friend and the local head of Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena presented the logic, “It seems that Poonam was misguided by this bathtub and was pushed into performing this immoral act.”

After watching the video 50 times the whole last night, the pissed off trio barged into Poonam Pandey’s rented bathroom earlier this afternoon and slapped the bathtub with fists, shoes and belts. The bathtub developed a small crack and has been leaking water after the shocking assault.

“This shows the fascist tendencies of RSS that can’t tolerate even a bathtub,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh condemned the attack and offered his own bathroom to Poonam Pandey for recording future bathing videos.

BJP too has criticized the attack on Poonam Pandey’s bathtub and has suggested the model to go on a Bath Yatra to propagate her message of cleanliness.

However Poonam Pandey has rejected both the offers and has announced that she will settle for nothing less than a bathtub from Bigg Boss’ house. She also said that she was undeterred by such attacks and will soon launch a YouTube competitor – BathTube.