Rangoli blames Hrithik Roshan for her Twitter account suspension

19, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Actor Kangana Ranaut has come out in the defence of her sister Rangoli Chandel after her account was suspended by Twitter on Thursday. Rangoli meanwhile has put full blame on Hrithik saying that it is because of him that twitter has suspended her account.

Rangoli is pretty sure that Hrithik was pretty jealous of her growth on twitter and her fan following and hence he spoke to the Twitter management and suspended her account.


Rangoli Chandel had blamed Hrithik a few days back also when the internet connection of her home was not working. According to her, Hrithik has so many connections that he is making life troublesome for her and her sister. She also said that Hrithik’s account has to be suspended so that everyone can live in peace. Hrithik is spreading War with Tiger Shroff.

This is dangerous for the kids who watch and adore him. Rangoli has also called Hrithik for a one on one debate regarding her account suspension. Hrithik is yet to reply back but is in complete shock as to how can he be responsible for Rangoli’s Twitter account suspension.