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RCB fans blame Anushka Sharma for Bangalore traffic, claim they missed match because of her

14, Apr 2015 By manithan

Bengaluru: Royal Challenger Bangalore team faced SunRisers Hyderabad yesterday. While SunRisers won the match, few RCB fans are at loggerheads with actress Anushka Sharma for a completely different reason.

Right after the match got over, we found few of RCB fans tweeting ferociously blaming Anushka Sharma for their misfortune with the hashtag #StayAwayAnushkaSharma. We thought that this is trending to make Anushka Sharma stay away from Kohli so that RCB doesn’t lose any more matches in the future, but it was something else.

So, we decided to contact one such fan via Twitter to make him call us and explain their commotion. He agreed.

She is responsible
She is responsible

Upon call, he said, “I’m Rajiv from Bengaluru. I’m a proud RCB fan. I’m big fan of Virat Kohli. I was anticipating to watch first match played by my team here in my city. And we were stuck in traffic and missed the match. All these days, Bengaluru never had traffic. My office is about 20 kms away from my home and I used to reach it in 15 mins even during peak hours. Such was free traffic in namma Bengaluru all these days. But, today (13th April), we had the worst traffic jam in our city. Because of that, we missed the match. Myself with 15 of my colleagues had booked for the match and we reached the venue by 11 PM only, that is, after the match got ended.”

Taking a deep breath, Rajiv continued, “We clearly know who is behind this. It is due to the bad luck of Anushka Sharma. She went to watch semifinals in Australia and we lost the World Cup. And now, she is planning to make RCB lose IPL too. Above that, her luck has brought traffic to Bengaluru making few fans like me miss the match.That is why, we are tweeting with #StayAwayAnushkaSharma, warning her to stay away from Bengaluru and RCB and if possible, Kohli.”

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are on the path to splitsville.Anushka Sharma had reportedly asked Kohli to be in her hotel room in 5 minutes. Kohli and Sharma were two blocks away, but Kohli was stuck in traffic and reached the hotel in 50 minutes. This had reportedly caused a heated discussion between them.