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RCB management clarifies that the movie 'BLANK' is not about the team's achievement in IPL

04, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The teaser of debutant Karan Kapadia’s Blank was released on Tuesday. The 50-second teaser shows Kapadia walking through a darkened hallway, his back facing the camera. “Terrorism has no face. Its only religion is money,” Sunny Deol says in the teaser’s voiceover. But people who are unaware of the story of the movie are thinking that the movie is based on RCB’s performance in the IPL and the theme has gone viral on social media too.blank-784x441

We spoke to one such Twitter enthusiast. Shwetank Srivastava who said, ” People had the same confusion when the movie ‘Zero’ was released. This is the mistake of the producers. Why do they keep such confusing titles? Anyone who hears the name BLANK would think that it is a biopic on RCB. I am educating my fellow Twitterati that the movie is based on some other incident. But people like me are few in numbers and the task at hand is huge.”

The producers of the movie are still not clear whether naming the movie BLANK would backfire at the box-office as people will come with a totally different expectation to watch the movie. Sunny Deol whose career had taken a beating has high hopes on the movie and such confusion can sabotage his career again.