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I read somewhere that smoking kills asthma germs in the lungs: Priyanka responds to criticism over her viral pic

22, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

A pic of the bollywood actress which went viral on social media, drew a lot of criticism. The pic shows Priyanka and hubby Nick enjoying a smoke on a yacht.

pc ciggy

Many questioned as to why was the actress smoking when she had previously revealed that she suffered from asthma.

Responding to the trolling she received on social media, Priyanka clarified that she wasn’t a chain smoker. It was neither for a role in her next project, she was in fact doing it as a treatment for her medical condition.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News she said, “I read somewhere, I don’t remember where but I did read it, that smoking kills asthma germs in the lungs. And honestly, I do feel a lot better after having a cigarette.”

The actress said that though she came from a family of doctors, she has always been unconventional in her approach to medicine.

“Whenever I have an upset stomach, I just have Rajnigandha silver pearls and it actually works like an antibiotic for me,” she said.

When questioned if she’d apologize for the smoking pic, Priyanka scoffed and replied in negative.

The actress however found some support from Engineers and IT workers in the country. Some tried to reason and said that the actress could be under pressure. And smoking could be her way of relieving stress.

On the work front Priyanka has her hands full. She will be celebrating her first wedding anniversary with hubby Nick Jonas in a few months. Preparations for which have already started.

Sources say that the couple also plan to turn their wedding and reception video into a web-series on Netflix. “I and Nick have been thinking about this for some time. We have so much material that it would make for some entertaining watch. If everything goes as planned the first season of our wedding video should be out on Netflix next month,” she revealed.