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Ready to postpone 'quitting bollywood' if I get good movie offers: Zaira Wasim clarifies

02, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

After giving mixed signals over her intention to continue in Bollywood or not, actress Zaira Wasim today clarified that she was ready to postpone ‘quitting the industry’ if good movie offers came her way.

Few days back the actress expressed her desire to call it quits as movies were taking her away from religion. “I am not particularly happy with the way things have turned out for me. I am going away from my faith. But this is not what I expected. The industry has let me down. I don’t want to be a part of it anymore,” she said while speaking to our reporter.

Zaira also pointed out how some newcomers were getting plum projects because they have the right connections. “I won’t name them but you all know who they are. I don’t have a filmy background background so I am at a disadvantage. They can go to the directors office and get cast even without audition,” she lamented.

In the same breath, the Dangal actress took potshots at the media. “These star kids just walk to the gym and the media goes gaga hailing them for their ‘gym look’. I have to work twice as hard to get attention like accuse someone of harassing me on flight. I walk into the gym several times- in and out- but no one notices,” Zaira fumed.

Post bollywood, the actress has expressed a desire to get closer to religion. Insiders say that she could probably leave the city and go back to her hometown.

Prominent personalities from the industry reacted with shock and some were even ready to cast her in their next project.

Actor-Director Karan Johar spoke to our reporter and said, “Though my criteria is star-kid, I am ready to relax it for Zaira.”