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Reality show judge runs out of compliments and curses to utter on camera

01, Sep 2013 By Zed

Mumbai. Reality Show judge Adhuri Dixit, suddenly left her line incomplete after watching a performance in the dance supershow Palak Dikhla Jaa. After giving out 15,612 comments across 4 reality shows spanning 17 seasons, she was suddenly left without words.

Media analyst, Abhi Dasgupta, says, “This has been a growing concern in the reality show business. Like spectrum, Compliments are a scarce resource and there is a severe dearth as all possible ones have been used up. Nowadays, judges are resorting to standing ovations or incessant laughter to avoid giving any comments.”

Reality Show judges
A set of judges trying to get a unique expression for their unique show

Keeping the demand and supply scenario in mind, there are talks to organize a reality show to choose India’s best compliment writers.

Grapevine is that the first season of the show would be judged by Anu Malik, Arnab Goswami, and Siddhu Paaji. From the second season onwards it would follow the IIPM model, wherein the winners of the first edition will judge it and so on.

Reality show judge, Narak (read backwards) Johar confirms that despite commenting in as many as 6 different languages the gap still exits. Roadies Judges have taken this seriously and are planning to lobby with the censor board to allow the usage of blood relations on prime time TV. This is expected to address some of the promiscal deficit and add the unnecessary zing to the compliments.

Further, the industry is also expected to diversify into contests beyond song, dance and laughter. Rumor has it that a reality show for India’s crime and scam stalwarts, tentatively titled Crime Circus, would open new avenues to compliment in.

Critics however expressed there is nothing new in this contest as it is already telecast on Lok Sabha TV.

The above sentence has been deleted by the Faking News editorial team because we respect our honorable parliamentarians and our reality shows.