Realizing how abuse and alcohol works well, Netflix ties up with Kohli-Shastri to release their real life footage as web series

27, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: With the supposed agreement between OTT biggies (Netflix and Amazon) and the Government over self- censorship, will Amazon Prime’s latest Original, the east UP badlands saga, Mirzapur, be the last one to spew abuse and sex? The success of Mirzapur and Sacred Games has made the big players realize how sex, abuse, drugs, violence, and alcohol works very well on Indian streaming platforms. And Netflix has made a major announcement as part of the new web-series they will launch in the coming months.


Netflix has tied up with Kohli and Shastri to give them their real-life footage to be used as part of the new web series. Shastri’s love for alcohol or addiction for alcohol has been the subject for many memes floating on social media and Kohli’s abuses are world famous. Kohli’s abuses are well known by opposition teams and also Indian crowd. There was a time when he went to the area where the crowd was sitting and started abusing the audience.

These abuses and alcohol addiction is what people want to see on Television or in this case their laptops. In fact, there are rumors that a new web-series was canceled after the censor board alleged that there are no abusive words in the series and there and no sex scenes that means it doesn’t count as a web series which can be released in India.