I rejected the role in ‘Avatar’ as director wanted to paint my body blue but I suggested ‘Kesari’ color: Ajay Devgn

01, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Govinda has become the theme of many a meme after his recent interview where he had claimed that James Cameron had offered his epic blockbuster Avatar to him. He even goes on to say that while he politely refused the role, it was he who suggested the title Avatar to the director. After Govinda, many other Bollywood actors have come forward and said that even they rejected the movie.


Katrina did it because the director wanted her to act in it. Ajay Devgn is the latest one in the entry with claims that he rejected the role as he preferred ‘Zubaan Kesari’ over the color ‘blue’ which the director wanted as the theme of Avatar.

Ajay Devgn who has a connect with the ‘Kesari’ color as he is fond of Gutkha has reservations about using other colors in his film shoots. He had told James Cameron that he will bear the cost of all coloring in the movie if the theme is changed to ‘Kesari’ color as he is an expert of ‘Kesar ki baarish‘, butJames had other plans. Ajay even told him that if the theme of the movie is ‘Zubaan Kesari’ then he will do the film for free, but that did not materialize.

We expect more actors to narrate their rejection stories of Avatar in the coming days and we will bring them to you EXCLUSIVE.