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Remixing old songs will soon be a criminal offense, makers will be made to listen the remixed songs as part of punishment

27, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

It seems like the trend of rehashing old classics is here to stay in Bollywood with Jacqueline Fernandez being the latest entrant in the club. The makers of Baaghi 2 released the track on Monday with the new rendition opening to mixed reactions. Most people feel that there is a creative shortage in the music industry which is making musicians revisit the old classics. There is no problem in getting inspired by a song or recreating it, but the fact that songs are being ruined for making money is what has prompted strict action from the lawmakers.


The music lovers association of India (MLA) has approached the law ministry to form strict laws to tackle this growing menace. Law ministry headed by Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has promised strict rules to tackle the problem. He has promised that soon Remixing of old songs will be made a criminal offense. Any musician will first have to launch a trailer of the remixed song for people to judge whether he has ruined the old classic or not and based on the response he/she will be allowed to release the full version. The full version of the remixed song will be launched according to the guidelines set by the law ministry and it would keep in mind that they are not ruining the old classic.

Speaking about the punishment that would be handed out to the makers of remixes, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that they will be made to listen to their own songs and feel the pain which music lovers feel. According to him no other punishment would be as harsh as this. This announcement has created shivers in the music industry and most of the musicians have finally started to think about original ideas or inspired ideas to keep away from getting punished.