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Reporter covering Shahid-Mira’s life for his ‘Relationship Goals’ column gets divorced by his wife for not giving her time

01, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are the IT couple of Bollywood. They give us relationship goals with their airport spottings, gym sightings and of course with regular dinner dates.  Shahid and Mira are couple goals indeed. But one would have never thought that a reporter who is covering these amazing Shahid-Mira stories, would have to go through a turmoil in his real life.


Many reporters are on a constant look out for a new Shahid-Mira moment but not all are lucky enough. Only the ones who go that extra mile to get the couples’ pictures and their outing stories. One of those elite members is Mr. Sanil Jain, who is the entertainment reporter for a renowned news daily. Sanil has been covering Shahid-Mira, right from the day they got married. He has been tracking every possible detail, right from their marriage anniversary celebrations, to birthdays to outings. So much so that Sanil had forgotten about his own family life, and had stopped spending time with his wife since a long time.

On his wife’s last birthday, Sanil was busy clicking Shahid-Mira’s photo at a Bandra restaurant. More recently, on his anniversary day, he was seen following Mira Rajput and her daughter when they went out for an outing. Sanil’s wife has been very angry with such immature behavior but still gave him one final opportunity to put things right. She asked him to join her for dinner at a restaurant in Juhu. Everything was going fine, until Sanil heard from his friend that Shahis-Mira are giving some relationship goals in their new casual outing. Sanil cancelled all his plans and headed straight to Shahid-Mira’s residence to shoot their casual date.

There are no prize for guessing, what the end of the story is, but lets thank Sanil for giving us some ‘not so good’ relationship goals.