After reporters keep asking him to donate for PM relief fund, Vivek roams around disguised as Modi

30, Mar 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. After Akshay Kumar set the ball rolling by donating 25 Crs in the PM relief fund, other actors are under severe pressure to contribute to the relief fund. Reporters were seen asking Vivek, again and again, to donate some amount to the relief fund. Vivek found a great way to escape the pressure and started roaming around in the Modi getup which he had used in the Modi biopic.


Vivek was free at home due to the lockdown and the getup was with him, the clothes and other accessories. When he got too irritated with the journalists and reporters, he started roaming around in the Modi getup.

Every time he was seen at his house, people thought that it is Modi who is paying them a visit. Vivek has not been seen in his normal look for the last 2 days. He is waiting for the pressure to reduce or for him to decide the donation amount before coming back into his normal getup.

That may take a while as India is under Lockdown till the 15th of April. Modi has also requested Vivek to not donate anything but promise him that he will never ever make a sequel on his biopic.