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Reporters scramble to interview cat who casually glanced at Taimur as he walked by 

26, Nov 2018 By @jurnoleast

A cat who was lazing around on the street and happened to glance at Taimur is now being chased by news reporter for an exclusive interview.

Eyewitness say that Taimur and Kareena were seen walking out of a boutique in Bandra after shopping for clothes. Both entered a car and zoomed away, before reporters who were hiding behind nearby trees could get closer for pictures.

Not wanting to go back empty handed, the reporters were seen questioning the cat about Taimur. Faking News spoke to the owner of the boutique outside which this incident took place. “Kareena had come to my boutique to buy branded clothes for Taimur. Just as they left the store, around 10 reporters appeared out of nowhere to click pictures and interview the two. But no one could get closer except the cat which was relaxing and was playfully pointed at by Taimur.” he said.

Apparently, the cat was chased for some time by the reporters and even tried luring it with eatables hoping to get some material for their evening news report on ‘Taimur playing with a cat’.

No sooner this story made it to social media, many criticized media’s rabid obsession with Taimur. Some even expressed concern at the way reporters come across as desperate to cover Taimur.

Earlier too some reporters who were camping outside the Kapoor bungalow, fought among themselves to get their hands on Taimur’s used diaper that Kareena had flung outside the window.