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Republic TV advertises job openings for full-time panelists - No interview for Ex-TimesNow Newshour victims

24, Sep 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Republic TV advertised job openings for full-time panelists with an open advertisement which is running non-stop in the footer of their telecast. No interview hassles for Ex-TimesNow Newshour victims, the channel has categorically announced. Preferential selection process for the old veterans in the business of getting trolled, mauled and finally paid for the amount of thrashing they have received in 1 hour, one of the applicants has told Faking News.


“Even though many of our esteemed panelists are regulars, and one of them even moved in to live in the studios, we decided to officially appoint full-time job profiles for them. Though it is a full-time job, it is more like BCCI contracts with players. There will be Grade A and all the way to Grade F category of panelists. The pay is according to the grade and on the basis of appearance in a night show” the head of the channel told Faking News.

When asked whether viewers will not be bored seeing the same panel almost everyday, he took the analogy of cricket again. “Are you guys bored of watching Kohli, running not anything like a machine but being called a run-machine? Are you tired of Jadeja, with or without a surname or is it a Sir name, running others out? Or Dhoni pretending to run for every single delivery but giving out maiden overs in plenty? Believe me! You won’t be bored watching Republic. Also, I don’t agree when our critics say that only the ‘bored’ watch Republic” he further added.

A full-time panelist job is equivalent to a cabinet minister’s job if the applicant is from the ruling party. It is more like a national secretary’s profile for applicants from the opposition parties. For anyone else, it is a dream job to appear in a TV window and to be able to raise hand and speak, the channel has wooed the applicants with the description of the  job profile.

Meanwhile, a few political parties have threatened repeat non-performers with a nomination to the Republic TV full-time panelist job, it is learnt by Faking News.