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Researchers to find relationship between Facebook photos and the captions below them

23, Jul 2016 By banneditqueen

Menlo Park. A multidisciplinary team of scientists including two Grand Fakes University faculty members is poised to undertake a major social research focused on finding relationship between Facebook DPs and captions below them. Jamey Tarth, director of Face book’s Centre for Social sciences, has been awarded a five-year, $8 million research grant from the National Institute of Social Media.

Researchers have spent a month on this caption but are unable to find any relationship
Researchers have spent a month on this caption but are unable to find any relationship

The research team includes five more members from Facebook and a professor from Hogwarts. Jamey told Faking News,”We are delighted to learn that we have been given an opportunity to study about the relationship between behavioral pattern of chronic DP uploaders and the captions below them, so far the data we have collected has millions and millions of hashtags and captions so we are not very sure if this research will be successful or not given the volume of data collected.’’

Hogwart’s Professor Dr Dumbledore said,” With Dr. Jamy’s expertise, we have already made unexpected discoveries pertaining to human behavior on Facebook’’.

So far the researchers have found that there is unique relation between captions depending on the mood of Facebook user varying from happy to sad to depressed. The researchers also came across Hashtags like ‘Meena boyzz’, ‘Thug life’, ‘Classy me’ which unfortunately they haven’t been able to decipher.Apart from that various selfies with Marlin Monroe quotes have been detected in women who are unemployed, same goes with men who upload funny DPs and challenge woman if they can resist falling in love with them.

The research team has several other hash tags and captions to decipher. A common syndrome has been identified in Instagram users which the team has named Excessive hashtag syndrome where in the affected cannot stop himself from adding too many hashtags.

However Facebook team is hopeful that the research will give positive results and finally they can get rid of users with such anomalies.

This research however has had its share of negative impacts on researchers themselves. Two of them are already seeing psychiatrists for nervous breakdown.One of them was caught writing stupid caption under Mona Lisa portrait in a museum.They just can’t stop writing a caption under every photo they see.