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Resignation mystery solved, Amar Singh to start second innings in Bollywood

07, Jan 2010 By Guest Patrakar

Dubai, UAE. Even though Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has tried to downplay the resignation of Amar Singh and is hopeful of his return to the fold, Faking News has learned that the 53-year-old high profile leader has not only left Samajwadi Party, he has left politics for good and not joining any other political party. And guess what, the socialite-politician is ready to start his second innings in Bollywood.

“Yes, I am starring in the sequel to Paa, titled Paa-Do.” said a jubilant Mr. Amar Singh, ending all speculations over his future career and sequel to Paa. Candid as always, he admitted that he was pretty frustrated with his political career. “I do not think that with my failing health I can catch up with Mayawati or Madhu Koda, and I want to be second to none. Even Shibu Soren seems to be getting ahead now.” he woefully added.

Upon being quizzed further, Mr. Singh revealed that Paa-Do will be based on a story he himself penned during his illness. It will star Mr. Singh as a kid with a rare disease, but not Progeria. Singh will be suffering from fecal incontinence, which is the loss of regular control of the bowels.

Amar Singh gives a facial expression as an actor
Amar Singh gives a facial expression as an actor

“It’s a very challenging role, but my political career has trained me perfectly for it. I will fit to the T playing this complex character.” a visibly proud Mr. Singh said. “The movie will be a visual treat (sic.) for all the viewers, and in a way will also showcase my political achievements till date.” he further added.

Questions as to how exactly his achievements will be showcased were greeted with a sly smile, “that is for the viewers to discover after they watch the movie.” Mr Singh said. On being quizzed if any other politicians were being roped in for the movie, Mr. Singh was furious. “Isn’t one enough?” he angrily retorted.

The movie will also star Rakhi Sawant in the pivotal role of the mother of the child that doesn’t have a hold on his bowels. “I have seen Rakhi in both Rakhi ka Swayamvar and Pati, Patni aur Woh; she is phenomenal.”

A question as to whether Rakhi will also feature in an item song in the movie was however ignored by Mr. Singh. He also said that producers were still looking for an actor to play his dad’s role in the movie. “It is not an easy role, that of the child’s father. The actor will have to share screen space with both me and Rakhi, no easy feat that will be”, he added.

Upon being asked what role would the venerable Big-B play in the sequel, Mr. Singh said, “Mr Bachchan visited me many times while I was undergoing treatment in Singapore, and that’s when it struck me that in the never-seen-before role of a male nurse, Mr. Bachchan could wow audiences around the world. And that’s what he will play in Paa-do, be my nurse”.

The Bachchan family was unavailable for comments. The senior Bachchan is expected to soon blog about this exciting new development. Given the phenomenal success of Paa, one can only hope that Paa-Do isn’t merely a whiff of hot air.

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