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Revealed: What Baldev Singh exactly thought before saying "Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi"

12, Dec 2014 By idiot420

We all saw, how back in 1995 at a sleepy railway station, Baldev Singh, father of once Simran Singh and now Simran Malhotra, famously said, “Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi.”

Baldev Singh comparing his options, in his mind.

But little do we care about what exactly did Baldev Singh, who had been opposing Raj and Simran’s marriage as Congress opposes Narendra Modi, keep thinking for 37 long seconds before finally letting of Simran’s hand and quoting the famous dialogue.

Faking News brings to you an excerpt from Baldev Singh’s diary, in which he mentioned reasons that prompted him to take this out of the blue decision:

20 October 1995.

When I saw Simran begging me to allow her to go with Raj, I started comparing both the options which I had at that point of time – Raj and Kuljeet.

All I wanted was a rough, tough and rowdy guy for Simran, and Kuljeet had all those qualities. But whatever happened at the railway station, forced me to change my views towards Raj. I realized that:

1. Both Raj and Kuljeet drink beer. I knew about Raj’s drinking habit as once in London he had tricked me to open my closed shop and had taken away beer cans. Frankly speaking, I was impressed with this. But, I always had doubt regarding his other rowdy and Kuljeet like capabilities. He never looked like a tough guy.

2. I had never seen Raj fighting. Although I never expressed it, but that was a big turn-off. In comparison, Kuljeet was more of a tiger. Carrying gun, attracting asslicking friends, picking up fights; in short, he was perfect for my daughter. But when I saw Raj throwing blows after blows to Kuljeet and his friends at the railway station, I said, dude, where were you hiding till now? He even fired a gun shot, that was impressive!

3. When I was making all these comparisons, both Raj and Kuljeet were bleeding. So, both were looking equally macho. It was a tie there.

Now, points which worked in favor of Raj:

1. I was really impressed when I saw Simran ready to hop on a running train, that too without a ticket, and it was all because of Raj. Kuljeet could never inspire my daughter to be so adventurous.

2. A thought suddenly struck me that I was doing something terrible. I was setting a wrong example by rejecting an NRI for a local boy. Being an NRI myself, I thought this would be like back-stabbing my fellow NRI brothers.

3. While standing at train’s gate, Raj was looking taller than Kuljeet, who was standing on the platform. It was only after leaving Simran’s hand I realized why Raj was looking taller than Kuljeet. Well, that was an honest mistake. But it worked in his favor.

4. Raj was wearing a sexy leather jacket and that was way cooler than Kuljeet’s black t-shirt. It was going really well with the blood coming out of his lips.

5. The next train was after two hours, and by then I was almost impressed by Raj. I thought who the hell would wait for next two hours at this crappy station with no proper waiting room.

6. And the most important of all reasons, the dialogue “Ja Simran ja, jee le apni zindagi” had clicked in my mind while holding Simran’s hand, and I desperately wanted to use it. Somewhere deep within I knew that one day this would become as famous as ‘inquilab zindabad‘. I said to myself, “Do it Baldev, do it. Otherwise, while counting your last breath, you will repent, ‘Simran bhi wahin thi, maine uska haath bhi pakad rakha tha aur saamne wali train bhi chali jaa rahi thi, kaash ki maine ye bol diya hota’.”