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Revealing Game Of Thrones spoilers declared an offence attracting capital punishment

08, Jun 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. In the first decision of its kind in India, the central government announced today that revealing Game Of Thrones spoilers will be a capital offence from now onward. For a time period of 7 days from the day of broadcast, anyone indulging in revealing spoilers to anyone will be arrested and prosecuted under this new law.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO and is among the most successful TV series of all times. Game of Thrones is on HBO every Sunday night (Early Monday morning India time) and is the most downloaded show ever on Torrents, revealing its huge popularity in India.

Making this announcement, Minister for I&B, Mr Arun Jaitley said, “We had received lot of complaints that attendance in schools, colleges and offices was abysmally low on Mondays as people stayed indoors to avoid anyone revealing the episode’s spoilers. This was affecting the productivity in all sectors and thus impacting our economic growth.”

The series will now officially attract death and violence, through capital punishment.
The series will now officially attract death and violence, through capital punishment.

“Many had blamed the Finance minister, that is me, for the sluggish recovery of the economy but we identified the problem to be Game Of Thrones. We had thought of banning the TV show itself keeping in mind Indian culture of bans but then, someone mentioned that most Indians anyway watch it through illegal downloads. A ban wasn’t going to do the trick in that case”, Mr Jaitley went on to add.

This decision has been welcomed by a lot of Game Of Thrones fanatics in India. Faking News spoke to some of them for their reactions. One fan from Delhi, Tarun Saini said, “This is fantastic. Now people will think twice before ruining the episode for those who couldn’t get up early morning. Right now, you enter metro for your daily commute and 1st thing you hear is someone died on the show. This spoiler terrorism had to be countered.”

Another fan, Urmila Malik was not totally satisfied though. She said, “Stopping TV show viewers is fine but what about book readers? They need to put that Pollard tape on the mouths of them. Saying the line ‘But in books it happened like that’ has to be criminalized as well. These half-baked measures won’t help.”

Although fans are happy, this decision has been criticized widely by civil society activists. Senior journalist Rajdeep Wagle lashed out at Government and said, “This is exactly the kind of fascism we had warned people about. Modi Govt is clamping down on free speech. We must stand up for the right to reveal Game of Thrones spoilers. In next episode, __________ (Faking News can’t print that part as it included spoilers)”

As expected, the matter has got a political twist with Congress saying protecting Game Of Thrones viewers shows BJP is indulging in minority appeasement that it pretends to hate. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh asked why was the same law has not been passed for Kumkum Bhagya spoilers?

Meanwhile, Delhi CM and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that BJP is caring more for Game of Thrones because Targaryens, Lannisters, Baratheons, Starks, Martells, Tyrells, sab BJP se mile hue hain..