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Roadies audition to be held inside polling booths in Chandigarh to increase the voter turnout on May 19th

19, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Chandigarh. Every year millions throng the auditions destinations but only a few make it be the part of the coveted Roadies journey and every year Chandigarh guys and gals have made their rocking presence in the show. Do you know in every season, 30-40% of the roadies are from Chandigarh itself? And the Election Commission wants to use this to their benefit for the upcoming Lok Sabha polling in Chandigarh.


EC has announced that Roadies auditions will be held parallel with the voting so that maximum people get out of their homes and vote in large numbers. People who will have a ink mark on their fingers will only be eligible for the auditions. For people who don’t vote on May 19th, they won’t be allowed to sit for auditions for the next 5 years.

This is a big incentive for Chandigarh residents to come out and vote. Vote for their future and also their Roadies ambition. The EC announcement is likely to bring record crowds at Roadies audition this year. Mtv has pulled up its socks to cater to such large audience and has also thanked EC to promote the show without charging a single Rupee.

EC will use such tricks in other places also to woo voters. For example, in every Gujarati will be allowed to open his business shop inside the polling booths for 5 minutes after his voting.