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Robert Vadra goes to KBC, attacks Amitabh Bachchan when asked difficult questions

03, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. After heckling an ANI journalist in a recently held event at Ashoka Hotel, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s charismatic son-in-law and enigmatic businessman Robert Vadra, today attacked superstar Amitabh Bachchan while participating in the television game show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Robert Vadra, being a part time small farmer, was there in the show for a charitable cause to gather money for his firm Sky Light Hospitality pvt ltd., which looks after the needs of farmers.

Being a celebrity guest, he didn’t have to go through fastest finger first and was straight away taken to the hot seat, just like he’s straight away taken to boarding without security check at airports.

On the show, it all started well with first few questions being easy and mostly related to fitness and gym. Robert answered all of them comfortably and enthusiastically with his dignity intact.

However, situation tuned ugly when Amitabh Bachchan asked Vadra 7th question, which was related to Haryana Politics and history.

As per eye witnesses, Vadra lost his cool at the mere mention of Haryana and charged towards Big B to make his first blow even before he had finished reading question.

Vadra wore his gloves and was almost ready to knock Big B off.
Vadra wore his gloves and was almost ready to knock Big B off.

“Looking at his behavior, Amitabh Sir got confused and thought maybe he was having discomfort answering the question and hence advised him to use lifelines as it was a good deal, else he could land himself in trouble,” disclosed a member of audience.

“The usage of words ‘land’ and ‘deal’ further irked Vadra and he first broke Amitabh’s computer screen with his fist and then charged towards him to snatch the microphone he was wearing on his coat,” he further revealed.

In the process he reportedly asked Senior Bachchan if he was serious four times, while forcing the show’s crew to turn the camera off.

Amitabh then tried to pacify him and said that such questions were asked in KBC and were legal, but Vadra retorted by calling him idiot and asked him if he was nuts.

Amitabh was totally taken aback as last time he had heard this was way back in 90s from a fan who just came out of theatres showing Laal Baadshah.

“Vadra’s aides then heckled our team to get the footage of the episode deleted, and left the set only after they presumed it was deleted,” producer of the show Siddharth Basu told Faking News.

Congress leaders however defended Vadra’a actions and claimed that a private person cannot be asked such questions at a private reality show.

“Bachchan sahab unnecessarily hounded Robert ji by repeating same question and the options in hindi after asking them in English. This is uncalled for,” Digvijay Singh tweeted.

Meanwhile producers of Bigg Boss are keen to get Vadra in after seeing his shenanigans on TV.