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Robots file protest against Amy Jackson after she gives fewer expressions than an actual robot in 2.0

04, Dec 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who played the female lead in Robot, got replaced by Amy Jackson in 2.0, which resulted in a comparison being made between the two actresses’ performances in the respective movies of the same franchise.


It is pertinent to note that Aishwarya in Robot had a much meatier role than what Amy got in 2.0. The entire storyline of the original film revolved around the character of Sana, played by the former Miss World. On the other side, Amy played the role of a humanoid robot in 2.0. But Amy Jackson is facing a problem due to her portrayal of the robotic character.

5-10 robots from a robot manufacturing company in China have protested against the blank face of Amy in the movie 2.0. The robots have to say that they can give many more expressions than what Amy gave in the film. The robots have filed a complaint against the producers guild of India and have requested to bring down the movie in India as it is fatal for the image of next-gen robots.

According to the head of the robots association Mr. Chitti, Robots do not want their children to see how expressionless their parents are through the character of Amy Jackson. He also believes that robots have evolved but Amy’s acting is still the same.