Rohit Shetty seen intensely working from home; was tearing pages of physics textbooks

01, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Which director in the world can make real cars jump, fly, rotate, revolve as if they are hot wheel cars. He has redefined science in his movies by the action sequences. Yes, we are talking about Rohit Shetty. Rohit was captured by some media drones while he was working intensely from home, he was actually tearing the pages of his physics textbooks.


He tore all pages of some 15-20 books. On the sets, he has been seen defying the laws of physics in every action scene. Hence he tried to do the same at his house during the lockdown. He started with first tearing the page where Newton’s laws of motions were written. Then came the turn of Einstein and other physicists.

Rohit has directed 12 movies so far and in financial terms, all of them have been either superhits or mega-blockbusters. People love the way he destroys physics, and hence he wants to keep up to that pressure.

Rohit Shetty plays mainly with 11th standard Physics like gravity and friction which most people understand and thus are able to criticize. It will be interesting to once the lockdown opens up as to what are the laws of physics that he has played within Sooryavanshi.