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Rohit Shetty throws Simmba success party before the release date

27, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Filmmaker Rohit Shetty, whose directorial next Simmba hits the screens tomorrow, in an interview said that the Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer will make the audience “happy and cry at the same time”. Rohit is pretty confident that Simmba will be the biggest blockbuster of 2018 and it will be a path-breaking movie for the box-office. In fact he is so confident that he threw a success party even before the release of the movie.46956007_463145581155898_5009961691204966169_n_1545820459__rend_1_1

Actually, Rohit Shetty always analyses the unemployment levels in the country before releasing his movie, and this time too he collected government data which showed rising levels of unemployment in the country. Rohit has always been clear with the fact that his movies are watched by people who have ample time at their hands and people who don’t understand good cinema.

And that’s the reason even Ranveer is echoing the comments made by Rohit. Sara who is new to the industry took a while to understand how Rohit Shetty films work so well at the box-office. She has been still demanding a script from Rohit Shetty as the whole movie was shot without a script.

Many big directors like Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, Shirish Kunder, and many others who make films without a script were seen attending the bash and they came out with great praise for Rohit and his brilliance at cracking the box-office logic.