Rumors about me playing the role of Indian scientist who finds cure for Coronavirus and saves the world are totally baseless: Akshay Kumar

24, Apr 2020 By yogy

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar today denied involvement in any project where he plays an Indian scientist who finds cure for coronavirus.


The actor categorically denied having any knowledge of such a movie project begin in the works.

Earlier there were reports that Akshay would be playing the lead role in a movie that would show him saving the world from Coronavirus. Apparently, given the patriotic theme of the movie, Akshay was the most obvious choice.

Speaking to Faking News, Akshay said, “I have no knowledge of any such movie. This seems to be media speculation. Tum logon ne samajh liya ki patriotic movie hai toh Akshay Kumar hi lead me hoga. Story is about Indian scientist and I am Canadian. Yeh scheme mere liye nahi hai.”

The actor also revealed why this was the reason he’d like to play a different roles so that he doesn’t get typecast.

“I am Akshay Kumar not Manoj Kumar. Can do only a limited number of patritic movies,” he remarked.

A bollywood inisder who spoke to our reporter said, “Yes it is true that a big budget movie is being planned on the subject of coronavirus. The lead actor has not been finalzed yet, but not too hard to guess that it would be either John Abraham or Akshay Kumar.”

Many Akshay Kumar fans who were ecstatic with the news, were left dejected after the actors clarification.