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Sairat characters say they were killed in the end because they didn’t want to see Dhadak

13, Jun 2018 By sagarcasm

Recently, the trailer of Karan Johar produced Dhadak was released. The film is an adaptation of the Marathi blockbuster Sairat. Ever since the trailer was launched, it has been receiving negative reviews on every social platform. Some people have negatively reviewed the trailer even on Amazon and Flipkart. Limits were crossed when the trailer received negative reviews even on Zomato.


We got hold of Akash Thosar (Male Lead – Sairat) and here’s what he feels about the Hindi adaptation “Ever since I came to know that the movie is being produced by Karan Johar, I was thinking that it would be bad. But when I saw the trailer, I was convinced that it is bad. Did you know that in Sairat, mine and Rinku’s characters were originally not supposed to die in the end? When I heard that KJo is producing the movie, I imagined the lead actress to be a South Bombay girl and the guy to be a Bandra guy. The class divide between upper class and upper-upper class would create tensions between the two. They would elope in the guy’s BMW. They would struggle living in their 3 BHK. And ultimately, the guy would get a job in an MNC due to his hard work of getting referral from someone influential who’s already working there. I knew the story would be similar to what I just narrated since it is being produced by Karan Johar. Now we knew that when Dhadak would release, we would have to be associated with it in one way or the other, for promotions, cameos, etc. We didn’t want to do anything with it. So, me and Rinku (Female Lead – Sairat) requested Nagraj sir (Director – Sairat) to change the storyline to the one where we both die. This way we wouldn’t have any association with Dhadak and we wouldn’t be supposed to watch it. And after seeing the trailer, I am glad that we did that.”

Akash and Rinku have cut every tie with Dhadak and are suing anyone who associates them with it. Let’s just hope that the whole movie is not as bad as one of its dialogues ‘Pappi? Matlab kutte ka bachcha?’. Sigh.