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'Sairat' makers offer money to Karan Johar to stop calling 'Dhadak' a remake of 'Sairat'

17, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Dhadak is all set to release on July 20. The film, which stars Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter, is an adaptation of the 2016 Marathi hit Sairat. The film is set in Udaipur and Rajasthan and has been criticised by many over its treatment of caste and the reported “glamorization” of the small town setting. Some fans are really confused as to whether or not the film is a remake of Sairat. The trailer even made it worse. The designer clothes, exotic locations, Super Satr kids and lavishing sets, none of these were seen in Sairat, but have plenty of role in the remake.


Sairat makers had not commented on the issue until last night when they saw the film’s final version. They were left completely surprised as nothing shown in the movie has anything to do with the original movie. They also felt surprised that Karan Johar had paid them a huge amount to gain the copyrights of the movie. Not only that, the major thing that kept them worried was the fact that the new movie will not carry the legacy forward, in fact, it has all ingredients to spoil the original goodwill that ‘Sairat’ received. The makers have offered Karan double the money he had given them for copyrights and requested him to not call Dhadak the official remake of ‘Sairat’

It is tough to imagine Karan acting on their request as the name of Sairat actually benefits the new movie. Moviegoers who had not seen the original film were excited to watch Dharma’s take on the sensitive issue raised by the amazing movie. Sairat makers have threatened to take help of Raj Thackeray if Dharma Productions doesn’t act on their demands.