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Sajid Khan accuses "It's Entertainment" of copying 'no script' from all his films

08, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai.  Leading filmmaker Sajid Khan today accused the makers of newly released It’s Entertainment of plagiarism. Lashing out at the director of the film, Sajid claimed that the makers copied his box-office wise successful idea of “no script” from all his previous films.

“Not everybody with Sajid as his name can be gifted. While the parents plagiarized my name, the son has grown up to plagiarize my scripts… umm,I mean, the absence of them,” the lack of brains behind recently released Humshakals said, pointing at Sajid from Farhad-Sajid director duo.

Posters that make you cringe, so typical of a Sajid film.
Posters that make you cringe, so typical of a Sajid film.

Sajid further revealed that he had become suspicious the moment he saw trailers of It’s Entertainment.

“From whatever little I saw in the trailers, I knew I had a case. I was anxiously and quietly waiting for the film to release before making my next move,” Sajid told Faking News.

“The trailers gave my dog a strong headache and he jumped on to the TV screen to break it,” Sajid further recounted, “I have medical documents to prove that such symptoms are only found in species who have watched trailers of my films.”

Having enjoyed all his film premiers, Sajid was confident he would have fun watching It’s Entertainment as well. However, the main motive of him watching the movie was to prove that It’s Entertainment had the same lack of script as Sajid’s earlier movies.

As per eye witnesses, within the first 20 minutes, Sajid found people yawning in the movie, which convinced him that it was a movie plagiarized from his earlier movies. Sources say that once Sajid saw people yawning, he could not resist cracking ‘yawn sambandh‘ joke to them, after which he was kicked out of the theater.

“Only Sajid Khan’s films have the capability to achieve such dubious feats,” the inspector handling the case too disclosed that Sajid had a strong case.

However Sajid just didn’t stop there. He sneaked into the office of TIPS (producers of It’s Entertainment) to gather more proof.

“On further investigation I found blank pages lying in the file named “It’s Entertainment script” on the scriptwriter’s desk,” he said, flashing those pages.

However directors of It’s Entertainment rubbished Sajid’s claims.

“Sajid Khan doesn’t hold any patent over ‘no scripts’ so we are not worried. He may be the best practitioner of this method, but there are many like him in the business,” Farhad quipped.

Meanwhile a young student called Sajid Siddiqui was denied admission to the Film Direction course in FTII, Pune. He has claimed that he was discriminated against because of his first name.