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Salman fan accidentally solves Mensa Puzzle, gets thrown out of ‘Bhai fan club’

23, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A fan of Bollywood actor Salman Khan was unceremoniously asked to relinquish his membership of ‘Bhai fan club’ after it was found that he solved a mensa puzzle, which the members said brought disrepute to the club.

Salman showing the IQ level that one needs to posses to become his fan
Salman showing the IQ level that one needs to posses to become his fan

Suleman Patrick Sharma (Name changed to protect identity and prevent news channels from milking it as minority issue), got a rude shock when he found out that he was blocked from posting comments on Bhai’s fan groups on social media.

Speaking to Faking News, SPS said, “Initially I thought it was some glitch that I was not able to post comments. But later I knew that I was shunted just because they think I solved a mensa puzzle by mistake. But honestly it wasn’t a puzzle, it was numeric captcha. I was required to answer 1+2 to prove that I am not a bot and for that I am being deprived of being a part of the club.”

“I have tried to reason with the admin but they have refused to listen,” he added.

Our reporter spoke to Chief of All India Bhai Fan Association to know more about the issue who said, “Even if it was captcha, I am afraid to say that Suleman has violated our terms. We are very careful about maintaining Bhai’s image in public and such incidents make our job difficult. We have a strict ‘no display of basic intelliegence’ policy for all members. Anyone found not abiding by our rules will be shown the door.”

Around 500 accounts on social media dedicated to the bollywood star have already blacklisted Suleman, with many even threatening him on Facebook. There were others who accused him of being SRK fan in disguise. “This is sacrilege. A true Salman fan can never do something like this. The internet is a filled with people masquerading as Sallu fans. We need to be careful of these wannabes,” said Anwar, who runs the twitter handle @BhaiCanDoNoWrong.

Many agreed that Bhai fans should refrain from flaunting intelligence online.

“I have an MBA degree, but have been careful about not revealing it to anyone fearing backlash from the community,” said another fan, who runs a facebook page dedicated to the star.

It is going to be a lonely battle for Suleman as he grapples with reality of being treated like an outcast. “I was happy so after hearing about Bhai and Lulia bhabi. Now all my plans are ruined. But even in these lonely times I won’t give up and will fight. Zindagi mein teen cheez kabhi under estimate mat karna. I, me and myself,” he added, falling back on Bhai’s dialogues for emotional support.