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Salman fan refuses to accept its Eid after failing to find a Bhai film in cinemas

13, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: While the country was celebrating Eid today, Mumbai based Salman refused to take part in any festivities. Salman didn’t believe that today is Eid after he failed to see any Salman Khan film in cinema halls.

Eid Mubarak

During past few years, Salman Khan films have become synonymous with Eid with a string of Eid releases. As per sources. Salman fans wait for Salman film and not the moon to celebrate Eid.

While Salman’s family members tried to explain to him that Salman releases films only on Eid Ul Fitar and not on Eid Al Adha, he refused to accept it and kept insisting that it is Eid only if a Bhai film releases that day.

Salman (Not his official name but the name he prefers), has been a life long fan of Salman Bhai and watches his every film in the cinema hall on the very first day.

“Eid means Bhai film and Bhai film means Eid. Therefore, when everyone told me that today is Eid, I immediately rushed to the nearest multiplex after waking up, to celebrate Eid with my idol, Salman Bhai. However, to my utter disappointment, there was no Bhai film in the cinemas. Worse, there was a film of that Katrina. How can it be Eid when there is no Bhai film releasing?” Salman asked.

“There were no movie promotions or anything so I suspected that there is no movie releasing but after everyone kept insisting it is Eid today, I decided to check the movies anyway. As I suspected, there was no new Bhai film. Hence, no celebrations for me”, Salman added.

Meanwhile, Salman’s brother has come up with a plan to make his brother celebrate Eid. Speaking to Faking News about his plan, he said, “We will show him Dabangg 2 on DVD and tell him that its the latest Bhai release that we have downloaded via torrents. All his films are same only, how will my brother tell the difference.”