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Salman fans feeling cheated after finding a script in Bajrangi Bhaijaan trailer

29, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Although Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s trailer that was released yesterday, received generally positive reviews from public and critics alike, some hardcore Salman Khan fans were shocked to find the film actually having some story line.

“This is cheating. I mean I did not sign up to be a Salman fan for such shit. If script or story was what I was interested in, I would much rather have been a Irfan Khan or Naseeruddin Shah fan,” argued a Salman fan, pointing to the enormously high number of thumbs up the trailer received on YouTube.

“What is a talented actor like Nawazuddin doing in the film?” fans asked.

“After all the support we showed for him over last month, this is how he treats us. This is not done. We are feeling like intellectuals now. It’s such a disgusting feeling,” said another fan who was expecting lot more action scenes, some cool, attitude driven dialogues and topless shots of Salman.

While most fans were disappointed, some were still hopeful and did not want to jump to any conclusion in haste.

“I am just keeping my fingers crossed and praying that when the film releases, my worst fears don’t come true and that the film turns out to be like all previous typical Sallu bhai films,” said a Salman fan, who was confident given Salman’s past films, the film would live up to ‘no-expectations’.

Some of the more aggressive fans however threatened makers of throwing the prints of the film in Mantralaya, if they don’t edit out sensible scenes from the film’s next trailer.

They even warned Salman of ditching him.

“If he doesn’t mend his ways soon, we will soon turn ourselves into SRK fan. At least he respects sentiments of his fans doesn’t do any film that could go over their heads,” a fan told Faking News.