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Salman Khan fan busy defending him on Twitter while his family stuck in fire

28, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In an incident that has taken fangiri to a new high, a Salman Khan fan risked the lives of his family to fight for the honor of his favorite movie star.

Chutam Singh, a resident of Madipur in West Delhi went on defending and rescuing his screen idol from outraging users on Twitter and Facebook while his own family members stuck in a fire in his house waited for him to rescue them.

Chutam embarked upon this journey after he saw some tweets criticizing Salman for unfairly favoring alleged celebrity Tanisha Mukherjee in the alleged reality show Bigg Boss. Salman was accused of being rude and arrogant to another female contestant Gauhar Khan on the show.

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 7
Bhai ka tashan!” said Chutam while watching this event that led to the fights on social media.

Unfavorable comments on his favorite star filled Chutam with fury and his eyes burned with rage. At the same time, his sofa started burning due to the cigarette he threw in anger, but sallubhairocks87 (as he’s known on Twitter) couldn’t realize it. He stormed into his bedroom, locked the door from inside, and proceeded to engage in a decisive battle with those making adverse comments on Salman.

While he scalded Salman haters with scathing comments like “bhaag bho$@&#e”, he simultaneously applied for a 3-days leave to wholeheartedly dedicate all his time in defending the Bigg Boss host who is known for being human.

“After having been part of such discussions for 187 times now, I knew that any Sallu bhai related trend remains on Twitter for 2-3 days, if not more,” Chutam explained the logic behind taking leaves.

In the meantime, his sofa was on fire and his wife’s saari also caught fire while she tried to douse the fire in the drawing room.

Sources say that Chutam mistook his wife’s shouts for help as moaning of those Salman haters whom he was slaying one after another.

“This is nothing; on an earlier occasion, he had beaten up his own bhai (brother) after his brother said that he preferred SRK over Salman,” a neighbor of Chutam told Faking News.

Chutam’s wife and brother were rescued by neighbors who heard their screams for help. It was only when his wife screamed that his collection of CDs and posters of Salman Khan is also about to burn that his deaf ears came to life and he came out of his bedroom.

The neighbors suspect that Chutam could deliberately have let his wife suffer for sometime as she too didn’t like Salman’s actions on the show. “That day he had pushed and slapped her and told her that bhai was right and we must respect women,” revealed a neighbor.

While Chutam is being criticized for his behavior by most sane persons, association of Salman Khan fans have lauded his actions and have claimed that with this, the record of fangiri, which was earlier held by a Shah Rukh Khan fan who left his family to praise SRK, was broken.