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Salman Khan fans file a petition urging underworld gangster Ravi Pujari to threaten Salman also

01, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Lakhs of Salman Khan fans today signed a petition urging underworld gangster Ravi Pujari to make threatening calls to bhai as well. The fans were reportedly annoyed with mafia don choosing to target Salman’s arch rival Shah Rukh Khan over him.

“After being so handsome and being so generous, it is a shame that this is how a superstar gets treated. Even Salman bhai is worthy of the honor of being threatened by an underworld don like you. Please do the needful or else withdraw your threats to Shahrukh Khan as well,” read an excerpt from the petition.

Fans claimed Salman was the real 'bhai' and Ravi Pujari was a novice.
Fans claimed Salman was the real ‘bhai’ and Ravi Pujari was a novice.

Initially the fans had decided to settle scores with Pujari on Twitter itself and had plans to troll him on the microblogging site. They even trended hashtags like #SalmanBhaiDeservesThreats #RaviPujariUnfairtoBhai

But after abusing wrong Ravi Pujaris for 2 days, they found that the mafia don wasn’t on Twitter and hence took the route of filing a petition.

What seems to have further irked some section of fans was that even Boman Irani got threatening calls ahead of Salman Khan.

However some saw a positive side to it and claimed that the fact that Boman and SRK are being threatened shows that Ravi Pujari has no level and is targeting only junior artistes.

Some even alleged to a nexus between the entire Happy New Year cast and the gangster, where in SRK is paying Pujari to threaten him and the other cast as a part of new marketing strategy.

“He can stoop to any level for publicity and to pull down Sallu bhai in the Bollywood discourse,” a fan claimed, calling SRK even cheaper than KRK.

Meanwhile an extremely fanatic fan of Salman Khan even has decided to take his Bhaitardness fanboyism to next level.

“If Pujari fails to meet our demands, I will not hesitate to become an underworld don myself and will then threaten only Salman Bhai from Bollywood, besides taking on Pujari,” he revealed his plans.