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Salman Khan fans on twitter take leaves from job to defend Salman as Bigg Boss season 8 goes underway

22, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Beginning of Bigg Boss season 8 has also marked coming out of hibernation of number of salmaniacs (as Salman Khan fans like to call themselves) on Twitter.

These Salmaniacs cum #NasaScientists have now vowed to flood people’s TL and Twitter trends with tweets praising the superstar.

They feel now that Salman is back on small screen, we could again see a barrage of accounts on Twitter attacking him for being unfair, loud, crass, vulgar, irritating etc on Bigg Boss. And being fans on Salman, they feel it is their moral duty to defend Salman’s actions on the show and counter any attempt made at tarnishing his image.

Salman playing darts with one of his fan.
Salman playing darts with one of his fan.

To make it possible for them to be on Twitter 24/7, many of these fans have either taken 3 months of leave from work/study or resigned from jobs.

“Defending honor of Salman bhai is an honor in itself and also a full time job as there are many Shahrukhtards and jealous bhai haters out there on twitter,” explained a Salman fan.

This time the fans plan to be more aggressive and intense than ever before.

“Any tweet with #UnfairSalman will be replied back with at least 10 tweets of #SalmanKhanalwaysfair and #SRGaySucks. Further to this we will abuse the person to such an extent that he would be forced to deactivate his account,” a fan sent out a warning to Twitterati against saying anything remotely offending Salman.

“We even intend to trace IP address if the person concerned doesn’t mend his ways,” the fan added.

When asked if defending Salman’s honor was more important than their family members who could be dependent on their jobs and salaries, a fan shot back, “Salman bhai is a also a bhai. So by that logic he automatically becomes our family member.”

When our reporter insisted that it was a flawed logic, he asked for our reporter’s twitter handle and labelled him SRK agent.

When asked if Salman was aware of this gesture from his fans, a fan said, “Yes indeed. He knows and appreciates what we are doing. He even tweeted “Yeh baat” in appreciation last night.”