Salman Khan files for ‘Anticipatory Parole’ after getting interim bail

06, May 2015 By burabandar

Mumbai. Soon after Salman Khan was pronounced guilty in the hit-and-run case and sent to an interim bail of 2 days to prepare him for his 5 year jail term, Salman Khan’s lawyers got in touch with Sanjay Dutt’s lawyers to initiate the process of filing for Paroles to keep the star away from prison.

This, as claimed by his lawyer, R JustMaligning, was a ‘standard’ celebrity practice as initiated by Sanjay Dutt and is also an acceptable form of completing a court sentence.

“You know what an important person Salman is? In fact, let me tell you he is so important that even a flop Salman film does a business of 100 crores. Now for such an important person to be incarcerated, that is so unfair. Imagine the loss to the society that will be deprived of watching Bigg Boss and Kick,” Mr. JustMaligning said.

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt
If people are equal in law’s eyes, why should Salman be not given paroles like Sanjay?

The lawyer further said that frequent paroles will set an example and deter other person from indulging in drunken driving as not every convict can get paroles like a celebrity.

“People will think – dude, I’m no Salman or Sanjay, let me take precautions and not take the driver’s seat,” Mr. JustMaligning explained why the court should immediately grant parole to Salman even if the final bail application is rejected.

The demand has been supported by others too. Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan, in a joint statement said, “We on behalf of our extended family need Salman Bhai to be here. He is not only our sole bread-earner but also the one who finances all the basic luxuries that we need in life and even act in the movies we beseech him to finance. If he is not around, we will be forced to act and this will cause great sufferings to the audience. Under the light of such heavy consequences, we request that he be allowed out.”

Sanjay Dutt, jailed but currently on parole in Switzerland, said, “Dekh Bhai, Sallu is like a younger brother to me. I can empathize with the stupid laws that puts celebrities to jail. My wife will miss her annual vacations to Switzerland if I don’t come around. Don’t you think that is a reason for parole? Answer me!”

Sallu Bhai Fan Club, an independent organization of Bhai Fans have actually also suggested a list of reasons for paroles and sent them to Mr. JustMaligning’s office. A few of them are listed as below:

  1. Bhai still has a score to settle with Vivek Oberoi
  2. Bhai has to get married
  3. Bhai needs to lose his ‘V’

Meanwhile using a pen name ‘Salman Se Bachao’, Vivek Oberoi tweeted, “Poetic Justice, though I was as good a villain as Joker, I feared the wrath of Salman. #SalmanVerdict.”

The court meanwhile has asked Mr. JustMaligning to submit the comprehensive list of Parole reasons with a Parole Calendar so that the issue can be settled at the earliest.