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Salman Khan tops Forbes' richest Indian celebrity list, Sohail and Arbaz demand increase in pocket money

06, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

Salman Khan has once again topped the list of India’s highest paid celebs, however this recognition has only increase his headache. The actor has been besieged with requests from his brother to increase their pocket money.

Sources close to the family say that soon after the party to celebrate Salman’s success, both Sohail and Arbaaz demanded that their monthly allowance be increased by 50%. Apparently both brothers having been living off Salman’s income for quite some time now.

Sohail and Arbaaz have their families to feed and that coupled with gym fees is a significant expense, which till now was being handled by Salman.

Salman himself was in a fix after hearing his demand. Sources say that Salman confided to his personal bodyguard Shera saying that he could have been the highest paid celeb in the world if he didn’t have to feed two extra mouths. “I may be the highest paid celeb. But my brothers don’t understand that I have to pay my lawyers, distributors of Tubelight who lost money and not forget Lulia’s expenses.

“Though Salman is not keen on increasing the pocket money but on an earlier occasion when he refused, Arbaaz had taken up cricket betting. So this time around he might relent,” said Shera.

Meanwhile, Amitabh who slipped a few places in the list has hinted at cutting Abshishek Bachchan’s pocket money.